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The Pindari Glacier Trek,Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful treks in the mesmerizing Kumaun Himalayan region ,it is the most easily accessible of all glaciers. The Pindari glacier owes its existence primarily to the vast quantities of snow that precipitates from the Nanda Devi and other surrounding summits of the Greater Himalayan range. 

It is located at an altitude of approximately 3,600 meters in the lap of the Pindar Valley. The trekking route to the Pindari glacier maneuvers into the rage of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary offering breathtaking views of peaks like Panwali Dwar at 6,680 meters and Maiktoli at 6,800 meters. 

Trek to Pindari Glacier is a soft core trekking experience, within the capacity of amateur trekkers in love with nature and its pristine glory.




  • Pantnagar is the nearest airport, it’s one hour flight and their is only one flight from Delhi. Flights are available only for 3 to 4 days a week.

  • The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, Uttarakhand, from Bageshwar it is situated at around 160 Kms. Haldwani & Kathgodam are adjacent to each other, Haldwani is like the entrance door to Kumaun and Haldwani/Kathgodam are well connected by trains from Delhi, Lucknow, Dehradun, Jaipur, Howrah (Kolkata).

  • Haldwani is well connected by buses from Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Dehradun. Official website of  Uttarakhand roadways online booking

  • Bageshwar from Haldwani,can be reached either by Bus, hired taxi or shared taxi. Bus ride is the cheapest, cost of shared taxi is 600-700 INR per seat for Maruti Alto type cars and Rs 400-500 per seat for Bolero types. By any mode it should not take more 6 hr to reach.

TREKKING #PINDARI | Uttarakhand India

Detailed Itinerary


  • It is one of the most easily accessible of all the Himalayan glaciers.  Pindari is the best trek. 5-6 days is optimum duration and everyone in any age group with good health can hike this place easily.

  • Day 1: 
  • Haldwani (Start by 6:00 AM) for Bageshwar. Bus has its own fixed point for taking break for snacks, if travelling by taxi then take a quick break for snacks in Kaichi Temple area, enjoy the moong pakoda which is the specialty of this point, if time permits then next halt should be Takula village, aim to reach  Bageshwar before 12 noon. 
  • Bageshwar, break for lunch and proceed to Bharadi by 12:30 pm which will take maximum 1 hour to reach. Both hired or shared taxis are available, which charges less than Rs 100 per seat till Bharadi and will take max 1 hr to reach. Liquor shops won’t be easily available beyond Bageshwar.   
  • Bharadi (Start by 1:30 max):Its having a taxi stand, get a hired taxi or shared taxi for Loharkhet which will take approx. 2:00 Hrs, costing around 100 INR per seat.You can also opt for Kharkiya directly, instead of going via Loharkhet, as direct motorable road from Bharadi to kharkiya is present. If you are having time in hand you can choose to go Kharkiya via Loharkhet, as you’ll encounter scenic beauty, dense forest, breath-taking view of Himalayan range, such calmness & peace that you’ll be able to hear you own breath. 
  • Loharkhet (Start max by 3:30 pm), hire a taxi (no other option except walking) till Kharkiya, it will take max 4 hrs by car and its off-road driving, so prefer local driver.
  • Kharkiya,no roads beyond this, start trekking for about 4-5 Kms to reach Khati, target to reach there by 8 pm. 
  • Khati (Night Halt) is a beautiful village, with surrounding views of Sunderdhunga and Pindari Glacier. Shops, food, guest house,home stay facility by local villagers is also available with nominal fares of around 500 INR per night.Poor or no mobile network in Khati, usually available in morning hours.


  • Day 2:
  • Dwali: Start for it from Khati by 8:00/9:00 am ,if you are in a very small group, it will be better to take a guide/local person from Khati for further travel, discuss with him regarding food, accommodation & other facilities, many times they do help as chef cum coolie cum guide and charge around 1000 INR. In case you aren’t well confident about route then do take guide. If you don’t want a guide then, carry all necessary stuff, utensils, food, dry fruits, water etc because after Khati one won’t even find a tea stall. Target to reach Dwali before 6:00 pm, and on way whenever you halt, stay in group, because there are many wild animals like a bear and snow leopard. At Dwali, have dinner viewing Kafni and Pindari glacier.          
  • Day 3:
  • Phurkia: Must start before 6:00 am for it from Dwali ,which takes around 2 hrs. Mornings are very beautiful there, so if you start early, you can enjoy it. On way, you’ll cross snow covered mountains and might get to see the after effect of avalanches (that occurred during the previous season). Target to reach Phurkia by 10 am.  Now start for Pindari ZERO POINT (Pindar river originates from here) , which 7 km/1 hr from here ,pat you back as you have achieved something,enjoy, spend some time, then around 12 :00 noon start for Phurkia. Target to reach Phurkia by 3:00 pm and Dwali before day ends .


  • Day 4:
  • Dwali, have breakfast and start your trek towards Khati, now you have whole day left to trek to Khati, enjoy your random halts. Target to reach Khati, before 6:00 pm, have dinner & night halt at Khati. Remember to make travel arrangements (cab/transportation) for next day trip from Kharkiya to Bharadi.

  • Day 5:
  • Khati: After breakfast, start trekking towards kharkiya. Hire a taxi from kharkiya by self or with the help of your local guide. Local taxis are less in no and will be available in morning hours. Kharkiya to Bharadi by taxi. From Bharadi taxi stand, get a taxi for Bageshwar.
    From Bageshwar taxi stand you can get taxi(hired/shared), buses to almost all major places of Uttarakhand India, either it’s Haldwani, Almora, Nainital. Within 3 hours one can reach Almora from Bageshwar and can take a night halt there.

  • Day 6:
  • Haldwani/Kathgodam : By bus or Taxi (hired/shared) from Almora one can reach to Haldwani/ Kathgodam and can go to Delhi either by train , bus , taxi or by flight from Pantnagar Airport.


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