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  • Lohaghat is a scenic town in the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand is located on the banks of river Lohawati, in Champawat district Uttarakhand, India . It has a rich historical past and once was the cultural capital of the Chand dynasty and is famous for its natural beauty and well known temples.It is also believed that it was in Champawat that Lord Vishnu appeared as 'Kurma avtar', His incarnation as a tortoise. The River Lohawati originates near this place.    
  • The British were so overwhelmed by its beauty that they proposed to develop it as summer capital of the then British empire. Set amidst tall range of Deodars and snowy peaks of the Himalayas, Lohaghat is a heaven.
  • It is famous for Bagwal fight carnival which takes place at Devidhura on auspicious day of Raksha bandhan day. Nearby Ritha-sahib is famous for Sikh gurudwara and sweet Rithas that are unique in world and one can go to Pancheshwar is famous for river-rafting and adventurous sports. 20 km far from Lohaghat, there is scenic tourist spot called Pati.   

  • The mythological significance of the city is observed by many temples situated at various places and most of which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. While the remains of the fort of Banasur, Varansur Fort (Varansur was killed by Lord Krishna) and other nearby remains indicate the historical importance of the city.

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Lohaghat | Tourist Information Centre


  • Lohaghat is located at an elevation of around 5600 ft in the Kumaun region, Uttarakhand. 14 km/30 mins from Champawat District.

    Lohaghat is around :
  • 60 km/2 hrs from Pithoragarh
  • 118 km/3.5 hrs from Almora.
  • 90 km/3 hrs from Tanakpur.

How to Reach Lohaghat


  • Airport :Pantnagar is the nearest airport ,Air India operates flights from Delhi 3 to 4 days a week.

  • Railway Station :The nearest railway station is Tanakpur ,which is 90 Km away.

  • Bus: Direct buses to Lohaghat,Tanakpur are available from Delhi.Official website of Govt Of Uttarakhand for buses https://utconline.uk.gov.in/welcome.aspx

  • Taxi : Hired/shared taxis to Lohaghat are easily available from various cities of Uttarakhand .

Where to stay in Lohaghat


  • The place has limited variety of accommodation options within 5 km radius. KMVN Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd rest house is also present there and few guesthouses setup by locals.

  • It offers variety of accommodation options within 15-30 km radius.

  • One can get good food, safe and comfortable accommodation but don’t expect anything like a 5-star hotel experience. You are here to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and breath-taking views. 


Things to do in Lohaghat

  1. Abbott Mount : Situated at an altitude of 7000 feet ,lies the tiny hamlet of Abbott Mount from where one could witness the snowcapped cliffs of the mighty Himalayas in its full glory. This momentous hilly resort on the eastern side of the Kumaun Hills unravels a passable vision of the massive peaks from the Gangotri cliff to Dhaulagiri range. Mount Abbot is a place that has not changed much since it was established in 20th century by a British businessman John Harold Abbott. The place experiences excellent weather throughout the year, making it ideal for activities like trekking, angling, bird watching and photography. Enriched in flora and fauna and bounded by thick forests of pine and deodars.

  2. Banasur ka kila : At an elevation of 6,100 ft,20 Kms from Champawat along the Bhowali road,is the fort of Banasur which can be seen of all sides. The place has immense beauty and romantic old-world charm. One should walk about 2 km to get to the fort, evening time is the best time to visit for see the sun here from here and the mountain peaks can be seen very clearly, must carry drinking water. Legend has it that these are the remains of the fort of Banasur (Vanasur), who was the eldest son of Bali, the king of Daityas and was killed by Lord Krishna .

  3. Advaita Ashrama, Mayavati : It is dedicated to the study and practice of Advaita Vedanta, and object of the ashrama was to study, practise and preach the Advaita philosophy free from ritualistic settings, and also to train others in spreading it .Inspired by Swami Vivekananda ,it was founded by Captain Sevier and Mrs. Sevier along with Swami Swarupananda . They found it in Mayavati, 6,400 ft. above sea level, surrounded by mountains on three sides, one side opening to a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Himalayan range. Advaita Ashrama had a press of its own and the first editions of Swami Vivekananda's works, his life, etc. were published from Mayavati. There is a small Guest House with limited facilities and prior permission from the Adhyakahs of this Ashrama is essential for staying at Mayavati .

  4. Angling : During months of April-July and September to October, locals and tourists ,come to Pancheshwar for fishing in the river Maha Kali, Sarju and Sharda. Its potential as a paradise for fishing lovers has remained untapped till now. The rippling waters of Saryu and Kali river are a home to the Himalayan Golden Mahseer. Mahseer is known as the Tiger of the River and the experience of catching the Mahseer is truly amazing and thrilling. The beautiful sunsets and the sights of the majestic snow-covered Himalayas all add to the experience of conquering the Mahseer. The fast-flowing rapids and the river rafting give us an amazing experience specially while Mahseer fishing .

Nearby places to visit in Lohaghat

  1. Meetha Reetha Sahib :52 km/ 1 hr from Lohaghat ,the place which is situated on the confluence of River Ratiya and Lodhiya,during the Baisakhi Poornima, a huge fair is organised in the temple. The temple is accessible from Dhunaghat, which is located on the Lohaghat-Devidhura road.It was built in the year 1960, is the pilgrimage of the Sikhs. According to legends,Guru Nanak Dev ji sat under a reetha tree and asked Bhai Mardana Ji to eat a reetha. Reethas are usually bitter in taste but the reetha which Guru Nanak Dev Ji plucked for Bhai Mardana Ji was sweet. Jogis were surprised by all this and later they come to know that on which side Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sitting all the reethas has become sweet. This is the reason why this place is called Meetha Reetha Sahib. Even today the people who visits the Gurudwara gets sweet reethas (soapnuts) as prashad .  

  2. Pancheshwar Mahadev : 40Km/70 mins from Lohaghat, it's a renowned Temple Of Lord Shiva ,and is located at the Nepal Border on the merging point of River Sharda and River Kali Near Lohaghat , Champawat District. It’s believed that Pancheshwar Mahadev is the protector of animals and shields animals of villages nearby against all sorts of disease and health issues. Locals believe that taking a dip at the confluence of the rivers washes away the humanly sins. The ancient temple, also known as The Chaumu Temple adds seven stars to the glory of this beautiful attraction. Thousands of devotees visit this temple during the Chaumu Jaat Yatra and the Annual Uttarayani Mela .

  3. Devidhura :58 km from Lohaghat,it is situated at trijunction of three beautiful hill stations Almora, Nainital and Champawat .This town is full of dense forests having oak and deodar trees and is  well known for the Bagwal mela. The festival of Bagwal during Raksha Bandhan is celebrated at grand level at the Barahi Temple.
    Bagwal is played between four different groups of people.The fighters brings sticks, stones and  Farra which is a cover made up of wood and is used by fighters to protect themselves from the stones. As soon as fight starts fighters throw stones to each other . The tale "Temple Tiger" of Jim Corbett is associated with Devidhura Temple.